Orient Express Train

Last summer we were lucky enough to to travel on the Venice Simplon Orient Express train from Venice to London. This was on our bucket list of things to do and we were not disappointed.

Spending a few days in Venice before our journey to London we decided to check out where the train departed from. All we knew was that it was the St Maria station in the heart of the city. The problem was that the station is surrounded by water and if you have several cases as we did, this would be a challenge. In the end we took a water taxi, expensive but definitely the way to do it!

Arriving at the station we were swiftly taken to the platform where the gleaming Train was being loaded. What an emotional experience this was to witness this beautiful mode of transport all gleaming as if it had been polished by hand. We were greeted by the train manager and the team of on board cabin stewards, waiters and chefs. After being welcomed aboard we were shown to our compartment/room by our charming steward.

It took us a while to take in just how small our compartment was and wondered where we were to sleep! All became very clear as everything was explained to us in great detail. Wow what an experience.

As there were 3 onboard dining experiences to choose from, we were required to make a selection for our lunch and evening dinner – all very civilised and just how it should be.

As the train left Venice it was almost unreal and shivers went through our bodies; it was thrilling. Excitement grew as we went for lunch and, omg it was simply superb. The food was divine and served with a glass of Chianti Classico it was just to job. Retiring to of compartment for a snooze seemed to be the right thing to do before afternoon tea was served to us by our room steward.

The passing scenery was beautiful as was the whole Orient Express experience. As evening approach we dressed for dinner – formal black tie for the men and  cocktail dresses for the ladies which made this whole experience even more special. As you would expect the dinner was fabulous and our 4 courses we devoured with delicately ease.

The whole evening was one of those events you remember for the rest of your life.  As we continued our journey travelling at 100 miles and hour through Italy and Switzerland it was time for cocktails and then bed.

An Amazing Experience
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