Although this post has little to do with Europe it was such a fascinating story that I felt I had to include this item for reference. During a recent visit Bali, my friend Jacob encountered this massive abandoned hotel and spent many hours filming what he discovered. Nobody seems to know why the hotel was abandoned or whether it will ever come back to like again. It is such a shame as the location on the idilic island paradise of Bali is the idea place for such an amazing former hotel.

This video is a great documentary of what Jacob discovered during his adventure on the island. Not knowing exactly where it is located is a mystery bearing in mind the island is relativly small, but during our upcoming visit next year we hope to discover and explore the hotel ourselves. Locals apparently call the hotel the Ghost Palace Hotel so we imaging that it won’t be too difficult to find.

In some respects it is similar to the abandoned hotel we discovered when we were in Hawaii a couple of years back. A massive sprawling hotel called the Coco Palms Resort right on the beach in Wailuā, Kauaʻi, Hawaii. The resort was visited by numerous movie stars and was also the scene of Elvis Presley’s film Blue Hawaii. The resort has been closed since being hit by Hurricane Iniki in 1992. It is apparently scheduled to be restored and reopened as a Hyatt resort in 2017. I guess this was a victim of the downtime in the worldwide economy in 2007 and 2008 which saw many hotel meet a similar fate.

What is still not clear is why or when the hotel closed down; our task will be to find out when we visit and hopefully we can produce another video of our experience. How exciting, so please watch this space for more updates and information as and when we find it.

Bali itself is a very beautiful island with many resort hotels and it may be that there is too much competition for these folks make a going concern of the hotel or just maybe they overstretch themselves and got caught out when the makers crashed in 2007/2008. We will see.